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The Sports Trivia Face-Off


The Original Sports Trivia Game Show Podcast

The Sports Trivia Face-Off is the game show podcast that lets the most knowledgeable sports trivia fans on the internet compete against each other, try to figure out the category meanings from their titles, and maybe learn a thing or two along the way.  All while vying for a grand prize of absolutely nothing!

Brent Bollmeier - Showrunner and Host

A former IT professional who is turning his own athletic ineptitude into talking about sports. Also a die-hard St. Louis Blues fan who has finally been rewarded for over 30 years of fandom.  Brent records from a small town in southern Illinois of which you’ve never heard.

Erin Barclay - The Best Cohost In The World

A trivia host, theater technician, and defense attorney based in Richmond, Virginia, somehow a New York Rangers fan with very little functional knowledge about sports, but a lot of side information about related topics and also a pair of cats. Erin loves the camaraderie and community of this show and gets to learn something new every week.

Ryan Kloefkorn Meyers - Question Writer

A museum professional from Wichita, KS with a penchant for trivia, Ryan likes indulging in media whether it's his vast collection of movies and records or playing board games with friends. A big fan of the NBA, tennis, and figure skating, Ryan will probably mercilessly mock your team's various failures while hiding behind the fact that he doesn't necessarily cheer for any one team in general.

Who Would Love the STFO: 

The STFO is for both the casual fans and the “die-hard-iest of the die-hard” who want to test themselves against our contestants.  Some of our humor is rated PG-13, but we do censor out the worst bits. Be warned, though, that the beating of your head against a desk while trying to remember the LA Dodgers’ all-time wins leader may cause concussions. Also, if your team has moved, lost a big game, or gotten robbed on a bad call (looking at you, New Orleans Saints), we’re eventually going to ask about it, so be prepared to be triggered.

Hear new episodes: 

The STFO is available for download every Monday morning wherever fine podcasts are served, including LibsynGoogleApple PodcastsSpotifyRadioPublicStitcher, or using the RSS feed.


I really, really love this show and signed up for the Patreon today. The format is so clean and easy to follow, I love the categories, and I always find myself appreciating what got asked about. As a question writer and hardcore trivia nut, this has become my favorite trivia podcast.”

“I will say the format and variety make it among my favorites. I’m definitely not a sports know it all, so this helps boost my sports knowledge for trivia.”

“This podcast has a wide variety of questions and two excellent hosts. It’s a great show for sports fans or trivia players trying to get better at sports categories in general trivia games.”

“Brent and Erin are fun hosts who have good interaction with the guests, never making anyone feel stupid for missing a question. Ryan, whether he's on the show or just present through his question writing, offers witty and humorous categories to keep contestants on their toes. A great way to spend 30-40 minutes.”

By the way…

The LA Dodgers’ all-time wins leader is Don Sutton with 233 (1966-1980, 1988).